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10 Best Items to Have on Your Disney Road Trip

10 Best Items to have on Your Disney Road Trip

As we prepare to pack up the car for our summer road trip to Disney, we need to make sure we have all of our bases covered. The items you choose to bring with you in the car, can make or break your road trip experience. We’ve complied a list of 10 must have items for any long road trip with kids. They will help ensure your passengers arrive happy at your final destination.

1. Ultimate (Disney) Road Trip Kit

Ultimate Disney Road Trip Kit

Chock full of fun, this kit will have your kids entertained for hours. If you’d like to know what we put in ours, check out our post Ultimate (Disney) Road Trip Kit.

2. DVD Players

Part of our Ultimate (Disney) Road Trip Kit is DVDs. Our car doesn’t have a DVD player so we purchased a dual travel DVD system for the car. Each kid has their own screen attached to the head rest in front of them. It really helps pass the time.

3. Ziploc Bags

ZipLoc Bags

In our 10 Best Life Hacks for your Disney Vacation post, we wrote about how useful Ziploc bags can be during your trip.The same is true for the car. On a road trip, they can be used as:

  • garbage bags
  • snack containers
  • car sick bags
  • place to store crayons/markers/pencils

4. Loveys

Car rides are more enjoyable when your child’s loved one is along for the ride. Our kids never go on any car ride without their best pals. It makes for easier nap times and helps keep the kids comfortable. You could also bring blankets and small travel pillows for comfort as well.

5. Taby Tray

Before our trip last year we invested a product called a Taby Tray Home School Car Vehicle Kids Children Activity Play Fun Desk. It’s a lap tray that attaches to your child’s car seat to make eating, coloring and playing in the car a lot easier. It also includes a cup holder for drinks.

6. Potty

We learned the hard way! Always bring a potty on the road. The rest areas, especially along I-95 can be few and far between. Unfortunately, when a kid’s gotta go, they gotta go! Bringing along a portable potty makes those emergency pit stops a lot easier. Pull off to the side of the road and let nature take its course. The aforementioned Ziploc bags can be used for disposing of wipes etc.

Check out the iPee Address Restroom Finder in the App Store to help find nearby restrooms when you are on the go.

7. Wipes

Not only are they useful for potty breaks, but they can also be used in other ways. Wipes can be used for spills, after meal clean ups, hand washing and for wiping dry erase boards.

8. Camera

Make your road trip fun by taking a lot of pictures of all the fun a long the way. We like to take pics at the state signs at rest areas.

Greetings From Florida
You could also take pictures of the sites you see a long the way or pictures of the kids doing silly things in the car.

9. Carry on Bag

If your road trip, like ours, requires an overnight stop, pack a separate bag just for the things you will need for that night. This will prevent you from having to lug your large suitcases back and forth. In it pack pajamas, toiletries, outfits for the next day and swimsuits (if the hotel has a pool).

10. Snacks

I saved the best for last. Snacks are an absolute must have! We take along two coolers filled with snacks to enjoy on the road. One soft cooler bag for dry snacks and one hard cooler for cold snacks and drinks. Some snack items we bring are:
  • cereal
  • pretzels/goldfish
  • cheese sticks
  • fresh fruit and veggies
  • granola/cereal bars
  • yogurts
  • water/soda
  • individual packs of peanut butter
  • crackers
To save time and money, you can also pack a meal to eat in the car or snack instead of stopping to eat.
So there you have it, our 10 Best Items to  Have on your Disney Road Trip. Did we leave anything out? What do you like to have in the car?

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Sunday 22nd of May 2016

Me and my BFF Brooke are going to Disney in about 2 months! She was invited by me but we are going for a whole week my family including me is 7 people with her it's 8 and the total for our Disney trip is ridiculously high! All but me and Brooke can pay for our trip! The bill is more than 3 thousand dollars all together. Most people know Disney costs a lot but come on it's the most magical place on earth and what makes the trip any better than bringing your BFF. Well the ride there is 13-15 hours long and we know we are going to die on this ride there. I am so glad I found this website with all of these tips and tricks it will really help us girls on our trip. The reason why me and Brooke can't pay for our trip is because we are in middle school and we don't have jobs. Anyways you guys are the smartest ever and you pick great snacks. But I have 1 question... do you have any tips on sleeping the night before leaving and on the ride there?

James Cameron

Monday 23rd of May 2016

Hi Chloe and Brooke! Sleeping on a road trip is a great way to make those long hours fly by. It can be tough to get comfortable enough to fall asleep. On our trips, we try to leave early in the morning so our kids go right from bed and into the car and hopefully fall right back to sleep. Then we get them dressed when we stop for a late breakfast on the road. I know other people prefer to leave around bedtime and drive through the night so everyone but the drivers can sleep.

To help sleep in a car, I would suggest bringing a pillow or two, and a comfy throw blanket. If the noise might bother you, load some relaxing music or nature sounds on to your phone or mp3 player and listen to that to block out the noise of the car, the radio, and the other passengers. The other thing that might bother you is the sunlight if you're trying to sleep during the day. A sleep mask or a shade for the window might help with that.

As for the night before you leave... you'll probably be very excited about the trip and not want to sleep. Depending on what time you are leaving, that could be a good thing or a bad thing. Staying up might help you be tired out for the ride, but getting too much sleep might leave you wide awake for those long hours in the car. If it were me, I would try and do half and half. Get some good comfortable sleep before leaving, and try to catch some naps during the car ride.

Thanks for the question. I hope those tips help. Have a great road trip and a magical vacation at Disney!! Say hi to Mickey for us!

Donna Kay Anderson

Thursday 26th of June 2014

Love that Taby Tray!! I MUST get one for Lexi and Tripp!! I totally agree on everything - we don't have little ones and I always have wipes on hand in the car and a separate bag for an overnight stay along the way is fabulous, it saves so much time and trouble. Great post!!


Thursday 26th of June 2014

It's a great product! A little wobbly, but it definitely made eating on the fly a lot easier.

Hi There! I'm Diane

Thursday 26th of June 2014

I agree with your whole list. We drove once to Disney from NY and I wish I had a bunch of things on this list, but we never leave with our Disney love plushes


Thursday 26th of June 2014

We keep adding to the list. Every time we go we always find that one thing we wish we brought.

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