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10 Best Ways to Beat the Heat at Walt Disney World!

Summertime at Walt Disney World means it’s HOT!  Anyone who has been to central Florida in the summer months knows that I mean it gets very hot and sticky.  We’re talking average temperatures of over 80°F, and an average humidity over 70%. That’s “average”, so you should be grateful for that or less, but realistically be ready for it to be hotter and stickier!

So how do you beat the summer heat at Disney?  Here are our 10 Best ideas!

1. Hydrate

Experts say you should drink about 8 cups of water on a normal day to keep yourself hydrated. A day at Disney is far from normal.  It’s more than likely you’ll be sweating out more water than usual, so you’ll have to drink more to replace what you lose.  Here are ways to get your H2O:

  • Bottled Water –  It’s pricey at the parks, but it will be ice cold.  You can always bring your own bottles of water into the park to avoid paying the higher prices.  If you freeze them the night before, you’ll have a cold drink most of the day while it melts.
  • Water Fountains – (the drinking variety) – You can find these throughout the parks and can get a sip of water, or use them to refill one of your own bottles. Please be considerate of those waiting in line for a quick drink if you are filling up a large bottle or several bottles.
  • Counter Service Ice Water – This is also free.  All you have to do is ask nicely. The downside is the paper cup and flimsy lid.  You can’t put it in your bag or take it on a ride, but you can always pour the water into your own bottle.

2. Escape the Afternoon Heat Peak

It’s always cooler in the morning and evenings, and it can get downright brutal in the afternoon. You may want to consider avoiding being at the parks during this time, and using it as a break to go back to your room for a nap or a swim.

Staying at a Disney Resort?  Take advantage of Extra Magic Hours to get more time in the park either early in the morning, or later at night, when it’s cooler.

We personally like to maximize our time at the parks, and feel you can accomplish the same thing without leaving.  Plan to give yourself a break in the afternoon by scheduling a nice long lunch, letting the kids play in one of the splash areas or playgrounds, or taking time to shop.

3. Watch What You Wear

The hat may look funny, but it provides a lot of shade!

Dress appropriately and comfortably.  Light colors and materials are the way to go.  Hats provide protection and shade for your head.  And don’t forget the sunscreen!

Keep in mind that there is is a dress code for Disney Parks.

4. Air Conditioning

Mickey’s PhilharMagic is a great way to get a nice break from the heat!

Anytime you go indoors at Disney, there will be air conditioning.  Try to alternate your attractions so that you aren’t standing in long line after long line in the heat.  Give yourself a break by getting inside, especially somewhere you can sit!

And don’t forget restaurants and gift shops.  They are great for taking a break from the heat.

In each park, you can find a Baby Care center, which is not only air conditioned, but provides a quiet place to see to your little ones’ needs, as well as get them and you out of the heat.


5. Get Wet!

Whether it’s one of the amazingly-themed resort pools, an attraction that gets you soaked, a splash area for the kids (and sometimes adults) to play in, or just misting yourself with a Squeeze Breeze, there’s plenty of ways to get cool by getting wet!

You might want to pack a change of clothes if you know you’re going to get soaked at the park!


6. Cold Treats

Sometimes water just won’t do, so treat yourself to something delicious and cool.  Some of our favorites are  Frozen Lemonade Slushes, Ice Cream, and the famous Dole Whip!

7. Ahh… That Breeze Feels Good!

You’ve got to love those moments when you’re able to feel a nice cooling breeze on a hot day at Disney.  While we can’t control when or where those will occur, rides like the Walt Disney World Railroad, Tomorrowland Transit Authority are leisurely ways to get a nice breeze!


8. Find Some Shade

The Tomorrowland Terrace offers a great shaded, open-air view of Cinderella Castle

Sometimes you just need a little shade, and not a full blast of air conditioning.  Finding a shady spot to sit in can be a bit challenging, as a lot of guests will have the same idea.  One of our favorite spots is the Tomorrowland Terrace, which usually has plenty of places to sit, a great view of the castle, and food options nearby for grabbing a bite to eat!


9. Cut down your wait times

Use FastPass+ and wait time apps to minimize time standing in the heat.  The FP+ system will let you reserve ride times in advance for 3 rides each day.  You can make the reservations for when it’s hottest to cut down on waiting in the heat.

There are plenty of apps out there that tell you wait times for rides to help you avoid long waits. We’ve yet to use any of them personally, so I don’t want to recommend something I haven’t used.  But they are out there.


10. Pace Yourself

If you don’t pace yourself, you might miss the parade when it comes by!

It doesn’t matter who you are.  There’s just too many things to do at Walt Disney World.  You’re not going to see it all or do it all in one day, one trip, and possibly even one lifetime.  Don’t make yourself miserable by rushing around like crazy.

Take it easy.  Prioritize.  Relax.

It’s a vacation, isn’t it?

We hope you found this list helpful.  Please keep in mind that heat-related issues are more common than just about anything else experienced by guests at Walt Disney World.  Please take your heath and safety seriously.  Each park has a First Aid center, so don’t hesitate to visit if you’re feeling unwell.  Cast Members will gladly call for assistance in getting you to the First Aid center, or getting help to come to you if you can’t make it across the park.

If dialing 911 from your cellphone for help, be sure to let them know you are on Walt Disney World property, to make sure they dispatch Disney’s response team, which will be closest to you.

For more First Aid related information, you can read How to Handle Medical Emergencies at Walt Disney World.

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Frontierland Station

Monday 28th of July 2014

Great tips! Mickey ice cream bars are one of my favorite ways to cool off!


Sunday 3rd of August 2014

Who doesn't love a Mickey bar, right? The last couple I've had have melted way too fast though.

Beth Green

Tuesday 20th of May 2014

These are all awesome suggestions for beating the heat!! We also buy or bring washcloths into the parks to wet in the restrooms. That way we can wipe off sweat or lay it across our neck for a quick heat relief!


Sunday 3rd of August 2014

That's a great idea, Beth. Once we stop relying on baby wipes (hopefully soon), we'll have to carry a washcloth or two as well. It makes such a difference to feel clean and wet versus being sweaty and wet!

Heidi Strawser

Tuesday 20th of May 2014

This is a great list! Ashley and I will be in the parks on Monday, and I know it'll be a scorcher! There's just something about Disney that makes me not mind the heat so much, though!


Tuesday 20th of May 2014

Thanks, Heidi. Something I didn't put in the list that I read was a study that found that if you don't know what the temperature is, you're less likely to think it's too hot. So maybe if you resist the urge to look at the temps and let yourself get caught up in the magic, you'll never feel it?!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.