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2nd Annual Disney Halloween Pageant and Giveaway

We’re proud to be participating in the 2nd Annual Disney Halloween Pageant Giveaway! Show your Halloween Spirit and Enter to Win some Spooktacular Prizes!

 Giveaway ends November 3, 2013 at midnight
Submit your costume photo on the
(submitting a photo is not a requirement for the giveaway)
Grand Prize:
3 Jim Shore Disney Figurines
+ $50 Gift Card
Mickey Pumpkin King
Minnie Pumpkin Queen
Pumpkin Coach Birdhouse


Second Prize:
Monsters University Blu-Ray/DVD Combo
+ $25 Gift Card
3rd Prize:
Disney Fun Pack, including 2 Vinylmations
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Photo submissions must be original! You can enter only 1(one) “Costume” photo. 
Please be advised, if you submit multiple photos they will be deleted without warning. Thank you!

I. Photo Uploading
A. Please do not post pictures that contain: nudity, gore, profanity, the breaking of laws, or content that is questionable in nature. We reserve the right to remove any photos that break this term at our discretion with or without notice to the photographer.
B. You must enter an original photo. NO STEALING!
C. You may only post 1 (ONE!) picture per contest per person entered.
**If you are replacing your photo, please let us know on the photo’s description.
D. All photos have to be uploaded from a personal profile page with a name representing the profile. We must be able to tell who exactly took the photo from the name on the Facebook Account. Photos uploaded from any other Facebook Page will be disqualified and removed.
E. Submissions may have a watermark or signature on the photo but cannot distort or obscure photo.

A. Make sure you enter your Photo URL Link into the Rafflecopter page to get +10 points to your photo. This helps get you a higher chance to win!
B. Do as many Rafflecopter options on that page daily to gain more entries into the raffle.

No, “liking” a photo will not add to your raffle entry, but it doesn’t hurt to “like” a photo because it’s just awesome! 

A. Upon submission, members give consent to allow their photographs to be redistributed, reproduced, or displayed in any way the administrative staff at Disney Seasonal Celebrations chooses.
B. If we deem a member to be in violation of the rules and/or disruptive to the contest and/or its members, we reserve the right revoke membership. We further reserve the right to remove a member for any reason, with or without notice. 

When you join Disney Seasonal Celebrations, you agree to follow the codes of conduct. If this code of conduct is violated you may be banned from the contest.
A. You are responsible for the content of all submissions made from your account.
B. NO obscene, curse or swear words are allowed in a picture’s title or descriptions. We will NOT approve photo titles/ descriptions that are inappropriate.
C. You will treat the administrators and staff of this pageant with respect or you will be banned!
D. You will treat other members and visitors at Disney Seasonal Celebrations with respect.
E. Comments that are determined to be in violation of this section may be removed by an Administrator or Moderator with or without notification.

A. There will be 3 winners: The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be based solely on Rafflecopter entries — WINNERS ARE CHOSEN AT RANDOM!!!! MORE ENTRIES = HIGHER CHANCE TO WIN!
B. ONLY Two Honorable Awards will also be chosen.
C. Honorable Awards are nominated by Disney Seasonal Celebrations.
D. ALL Member’s photos of the year are eligible for Honorable Awards.
If you have ANY questions regarding these rules, please let us know!


Facebook does not endorse, sponsor, or administer this contest. We have no control over changes or problems with Facebook and we cannot be held liable for any issues that may arise from Facebook’s glitches or term changes in general.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.