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5 Must-Have Essentials for Your Disney Vacation

Don’t pack for your next trip to Walt Disney World or Disneyland without these 5 must-have essentials for your Disney vacation. You’ll love these fun finds are from They’ll add a touch of Disney magic to your vacation essentials. 

Packing for a Disney vacation is a big deal in our family. While we’re not a matching t-shirt family, we do like to coordinate our outfits. Even the kids get in on the act. Last year, when we visited Toy Story Land for the first time, we made sure that our outfits were on point. 

Now that we’re gearing up for our summer Disney trip, I started to think about some of the essential items we might need. I try to buy as much as I can at home to save us from the inflated theme parks price tag. Cute and festive t-shirts and tanks are always at the top of our list. Bella and I are ears obsessed. We usually bring at least 5 and share. We also like to bring along some magical Disney inspired bling. Jackson is still at the age where he still wants to meet characters, so an autograph book is a must. Lastly, we’re going to need something to keep us cool in the August in Florida heat. 

Thankfully, has a majority of the essential items we’ll need for our Disney vacation. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite Disney vacation must-haves. As Jane affiliates, should you click on the links for the items, we receive a small commission. 

Essential 1: Disney T-Shirts

Disney themed t-shirts are always a must. Whether you are matchy-matchy t-shirt family, coordinated outfit family or you just want to be festive, these t’s and tanks are just what you need. Some of these would also be great for Disneybounding

Character Tanks – $14.99

from: Jane Affiliates

Character Inspired Tees & Bodysuits

from: Jane Affiliates

Magical Vacation Tees – $13.99

from: Jane Affiliates

Essential 1: Kids T-Shirts and Clothing

One of my favorite parts of taking my kids on vacation is dressing them up in cute outfits. Now that the days of princess dresses are behind us, fun shirts are the way to go. Jackson doesn’t always love wearing shirts with characters on it. But, I may be able to convince him to wear this awesome Buzz inspired t-shirt. Speaking of Toy Story, I also love these cute Toy Story themed dresses (I wish they came in my size). They would be perfect for a visit to Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. 

Squadgoals Youth Character Tees – $11.99

from: Jane Affiliates

Soft Playtime Dresses – $13.99

from: Jane Affiliates

Essential 2: Ears

#NowMoreThanEver it’s time to #GetYourEarsOn at Disney Parks. In fact those are their 2 current promotions for 2019. Mickey or Minnie Ears are an essential part of my Disney vacation wardrobe. Unfortunately, the headbands start to hurt after a while. This cute pigtail set lets you get your ears on while not giving you the inevitable headband headache.

Magical Pigtail Sets – $5.99

from: Jane Affiliates

Essential 3: Jewelry

Just like with ears, Bella and I try to bling up our Disney vacation outfits with some jewelry. These two suggestions are affordable and will add a touch of magic to any outfit. 

Character Inspired Earrings / Free Shipping – $6.99

from: Jane Affiliates
Magical Castle Necklace – $6.99

from: Jane Affiliates

Essential 4: Autograph Book

Meeting characters is always something we have to do at Walt Disney World. Whether you are meeting them in the parks or at a character meal, it’s good to have an autograph book on hand to get those precious signatures. 

Personalized Autograph Book – $11.99

from: Jane Affiliates

Essential 5: Cool and Dry Must-haves

It can be really hot at Walt Disney World, especially in the summer. Having a cool mist fan on hand is a good way to beat the heat while waiting in line or walking to your next attraction. Water ride are also a good way to keep cool. But you’ll need something to keep your phone and other things dry. This “Keep It Dry” pouch keeps your personal items dry and safe while you ride. 


Cooling Mist Fan – $7.99

from: Jane Affiliates

Keep It Dry Pouch – $2.99

from: Jane Affiliates

What are your essential Disney vacation must-haves? Let us know in the comments. 

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Jhonny Sins

Monday 16th of March 2020

This is great stuff man. Thank you for sharing.

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