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Instant Party with Bunch O Balloons

What’s a party without balloons? In fact, the more balloons, the bigger and better the party, right?

If you’re like us, you often limit the number of balloons at your party because of the time it takes to blow them up or how many you can fit in your car.

Thanks to Bunch O Balloons Party Balloons, there is no limit to how balloon crazy you can get at your next party! You can have the biggest of yards or party spaces fully decorated with balloons in minutes!

Thank you to Zuru Toys for providing us with a Bunch O Balloons Party Balloons Party Pump, plus an additional 24-pack of party balloons for this review.

The Old Way

Before this, you’d have to go buy a bag of balloons, blow them up one at a time, and tie each one off. I can remember how sore my fingers would get from tying balloon after balloon. Even if you used an air compressor or helium tank, you still had to inflate them one at a time and then tie each one off. It took a lot of time.

Alternatively, you could go purchase balloons at a party store, and even have them inflate the balloons for you. It costs more, but it’s less work for you. You’d just need to pick them up and stuff them all in your car on the day of the party and try to drive home with balloons smacking you in the head.

The New Way: Bunch O Balloons

Bunch O Balloons products sent to us included a 24-pack of balloons and a Starter Pack with included Party Pump

With Bunch O Balloons Party Balloons, you can buy your balloons at Walmart, and then use the party pump (or your own air compressor/helium tank) to inflate them in seconds wherever you need them. Then just decorate as you see fit. Easy Peasy.

What We Love:

  • Good Quality Latex Balloons
  • Assorted Colors
  • Inflates Balloons Quickly
  • Self-Sealing
  • Ribbon Attached

How it Works

Everything that is included in the Bunch O Balloons starter pack: balloons, pump, hose, and attachments.

If you don’t have an air compressor or helium tank, then purchasing the starter pack or party pump will give you everything you need. Our party pump came with 16 balloons and some attachments if you want to use the pump for an air mattress or other inflatable.

Seriously, an air pump/compressor is a household necessity. If you don’t have one, the party pump included in the Bunch O Balloons Party Pump is a good option. At our local Walmart, it sells for about $17.

But if you do have your own pump, you can opt to purchase just the Bunch O Balloons that you need. Each package comes with the adapter to fit with your pump or tank. The suggested retail price on a balloon pack is about $10 for 24 balloons.

Our experience was that the Bunch O Balloons work best with the Bunch O Balloons party pump, but you can get by without it. It may just take a little bit longer, but still much quicker than blowing them up one at a time.

Inflate up to 40 balloons at once!

The dial of the party pump has 3 settings. One can inflate 40 balloons at once, the others 16 or 8.

With the party pump, you can plug in up to 40 balloons and inflate them all in under a minute. The dial spins and lines up with an arrow to indicate how many balloons you want to inflate: 8, 16, or 40.

The row of 16 is where you would plug in the adapter for the hose to inflate something other than your Bunch O Balloons.

Self-Sealing. No Tying Knots!

The inflation tube is sealed into the mouth of the balloon

The mouth of each balloon is sealed around the inflation tube, so the air can’t escape. That means you don’t have to tie the balloons. It also means if the balloon loses air, it can re-inflated easily.

Get Your Party On!

Jackson holding blue Bunch O Balloons

Getting ready to party is easier than ever thanks to Bunch O Balloons Party Balloons. Starter Packs and Balloon Packs are available exclusively at Walmart!

For more information on Bunch O Balloons, visit

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Sunday 31st of May 2020

I Think this is the perfect way to celebrate parties. Thanks for sharing an useful post.

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