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Calypso Springs makes Hurricane Harbor More Family-Friendly

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Waterpark in New Jersey just unveiled Calypso Springs, and it’s a big deal.

jackson floats in the new Calypso Springs pool at Hurricane Harbor

In a park filled with thrilling waterslides, the new Calypso Springs activity pool is a much-needed oasis. Here’s why Calypso Springs makes Hurricane Harbor better for families.

We were granted complimentary access to Calypso Springs prior to the park’s opening on Wednesday and stayed in the waterpark for the rest of the day.

Calypso Springs Pool

A child's legs stick out of the water as people swim and play in the new Calypso Springs pool at Hurricane Harbor. Large waterslides can be seen in the background.

Calypso Springs is the largest addition to Hurricane Harbor since it opened 19 years ago. It replaced the King Cobra waterslide that closed after the 2017 season.

The focal point of Calypso Springs is the 100,000-gallon activity pool, which features zero-entry (or beach entry) at two ends, and is 3 1/2 feet deep in the middle. At the center of the pool is an obelisk-shaped fountain that pours four streams of water into the pool, and spontaneously “erupts” to spray water.

In addition, the area features lots of seating, with hundreds of lounge chairs and a number of over-sized umbrellas to provide shade. There are also bimini shade covers available to rent.

Lastly, the Calypso Grill completes the new area by adding an additional dining option with a few picnic tables.

Why Families Will Love Calypso Springs

A Place to Chill

No Diving sign at the new Calyspo Springs activity pool. People can be seen swimming in the background.

On its own, Calypso Springs is basically a large, shallow pool with a cool-looking fountain in the middle. There are no slides, no tubes, or anything crazy. Sounds kind of plain compared to all the waterslides and the giant wave pool.

But that’s exactly what Hurricane Harbor needed.

We know from experience that without a pool where people can simply chill, families have no choice but to try to do so in the lazy river or wave pool. Those are not exactly the best options and just makes them more crowded.

By subtracting a waterslide and adding this pool, Hurricane Harbor instantly became more family-friendly.


view of the pool from our seats under a large umbrella

Another important thing Calypso Springs does is add a lot of seating. Families, especially those with both small and big kids, now have a great place to use as a “home base” while at Hurricane Harbor. Jackson and I did exactly that and it worked great. The wave pool, speed slides, and Tornado are the closest attractions.


lifeguards scan pool from their chairs around the new calypso springs pool

A parent’s biggest worry in any waterpark is their child’s safety. The layout of Calypso Springs makes it easy to keep an eye on your child from almost any seat. So if anyone wants to stay in the shade while another family member takes a dip… it’s all good.

Four Lifeguards are stationed around the pool, constantly scanning and making sure no one is running, diving, or being too rough.

Calypso Grill

The majority of food options at Hurricane Harbor are a bit of a walk away from Calypso Springs, but the Calypso Grill does provide a small menu, as well as some snacks and drinks. Guests who want chicken fingers and fries, or a sausage and peppers sandwich won’t have to go far at all.

For other options, you’ll have to walk around to find a bridge over the lazy river to the central “island” of the waterpark.

Final Thoughts

The great thing about Calypso Springs is that it creates a place where families can enjoy more time at Hurricane Harbor together. You may still be splitting up to hit the waterslides and play areas, but we found ourselves coming back to Calypso Springs every so often to relax for a bit.

It’s a welcome addition to Hurricane Harbor and we feel it’s a difference-maker for families heading to the waterpark. You may also want to check out our list of what to pack for the waterpark before your next visit!

About Hurricane Harbor

The 45-acre Hurricane Harbor waterpark also features a million-gallon wave pool, a half-mile lazy river, more than 25 high-speed thrill slides and two interactive children’s water playgrounds. All attractions are included with Hurricane Harbor park admission, Membership and Season Pass.

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