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Countdown to Disney #14- A Good Cup of Coffee

Finally Having a Good Cup of Coffee 
picture courtesy of The Disney Food Blog


 I originally had this one billed as “Have a good coffee, treat or snack at Main Street Bakery”. This seems to be a topic that comes with some controversy. Upon hearing that the Main Street Bakery was being refurbished to add Starbucks, I, like many, let out a huge “WHAT??”. The idea of Starbucks on Main Street was something that just didn’t make sense. But, I decided to form my opinion once the refurbishment was complete. Now that all is said and done, yes, I am sad that things are not the same as they used to be. Breakfast at the Bakery is a tradition for our family and hearing that some of our breakfast favorites are no longer there is a bit disheartening. However, the coffee drinker in me welcomes the addition of a decent cup of coffee inside the park. Over the years, I have been hard pressed to find a good cup of joe while touring the parks. Many a time I have gone without rather than have what Disney passed off as coffee.  Last year, I did discover Kona coffee, but you can’t get that in the park (to my knowledge). I can’t help but feel excited over the fact I can finally have a Cafe Mocha or a Shaken Iced Tea while enjoying my day at the Magic Kingdom.Change is inevitable, and it’s natural to be wary of it, but in most cases, like this one, it’s not as bad as some of us made it out to be, and given time, we might just learn to like it.  That’s why we’re excited to give it a try!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.