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13 Disney Nights of Halloween | Haunted Mansion Invitations

When the crypt doors creak, and the tombstones quake
Spooks come out for a swinging wake.
Happy haunts materialize
And begin to vocalize.
Grim Grinning Ghosts come out to socialize
photo credit: Express Monorail via photopin cc

If you want guests to “come out to socialize” at your party, you’ll have to let them know about it.  The invitation is the first impression people will get of your party.  It shouldn’t be overlooked.

A quick google search reveals several options for those looking for something that’s already made.
On Disney’s Website is a free downloadable Madame Leota Invite.
Although Disney does not sell any Haunted Mansion invites of their own, there are a few Etsy sellers that offer their own Haunted Mansion-inspired creations.
Of course, there’s always my way…
and by that, I mean making them yourself!  For our invite, I’m drawing inspiration from Disney’s brand new Haunted Mansion Collection.  I wish I could afford to buy everything they have for sale online, and I can’t wait to see what other items they have in the new Haunted Mansion gift shop at the parks. 

You can’t go wrong with a Hitchhiking Ghosts or Madame Leota invitation.  But for our invite, I’m going to do some simple tweaking to the logo seen above.



I use a free photoshop-esque software program called GIMP.  The first step was to erase all the text from the original.  I did that by painting over it with black.  I then added my own text using Ravenscroft font.  The “You’re Invited” needed to be curved to fit in the space at the top

A printer and some paper is all you need to piece together your own gruesome invite.

I usually like to print out invites on heavier card stock than regular printer paper.  In this case, the invites “popped” more on photo paper on the right than the heavy card stock I had on hand. They didn’t have the aged look of the card stock, but they weren’t too dull either.  So it comes down to a matter of personal preference.

If you don’t have access to a printer or card stock/photo paper, you could opt to save your invite as a picture file, and upload it to an online printing service and order them that way, or even take them to a local store like Walgreens or Target and have them printed out right there in the store.

What do you think of our Haunted Mansion invites?


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Throw a Haunted Mansion Themed Halloween Party

Friday 13th of January 2017

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Lindsey Leffel

Saturday 18th of October 2014

You guys are so creative! I love them! Maybe I can convince Connor to have a Haunted Mansion Birthday Party next year...

Deb @ Focused on the Magic

Thursday 16th of October 2014

Awesome invites!! I like texture and weight of photo paper for printing graphics. You two are so creative!!


Friday 17th of October 2014

Thank you, Deb! I only had glossy on hand, but I wonder how it would have looked with a matte finish.

Beth Green

Thursday 16th of October 2014

This ROCKS! I love what you did with the HM Logo as your invites. So creative and perfect. This makes me want to have a HM party all the more! :)


Friday 17th of October 2014

Thanks, Beth!

Amy Zellers

Thursday 16th of October 2014

You did a fantastic job on the invitation James! I've always wanted to make my own invitations. Thank you for sharing how you made these! I may just try my hand at making invites some time soon :) I wish I could be invited to this party! It's going to be awesome!


Friday 17th of October 2014

Thank you, Amy! Sometimes it's hard to find the perfect invite, so making your own is a good way to go! It's not hard at all!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.