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Disney Junior Pirate and Princess “Power of Doing Good” Event – NYC

This summer, Disney Junior is celebrating Pirate and Princess Summer and the “Power of Doing Good”. A part of this summer long celebration is the Pirate and Princess “Power of Doing Good” Tour. Stopping at select cities in the US, the tour encourages kids to do good thing for their family, friends, animals and community thanks to some help from their Disney Junior pals, Jake and Sofia.


Our family had the opportunity to attend one of these events in New York City. Free tickets for the event sold out quickly in our area. Fortunately, more became available only days before the event and we were able to get tickets.

The event took place at Riverbank Park on New York City’s west side, a very scenic location with  views of the George Washington Bridge and New Jersey across the Hudson river.

We arrived early in the morning and took our spot in line to enter.  We were given a bag to use to collect our goodies in as we went along.  Inside the bag was an Experience Guide.  Each child was given either a Sofia Tiara or a Jake headband, and as they completed each activity they would receive a “power badge” sticker they could add.

While we waited, we noticed a commotion, with photographers and cameramen all hovering in one area.  It turns out that Chelsea Clinton was there for the event.

This was the best view we got.  She and her entourage left before it was our turn to enter.  The activity area was pretty chaotic.  You could do the activities in any order you wished, so we tried to start with what looked like the least crowded.

The Enchancia Castle – Lend a Helping Hand

First up for us was the The Enchancia Castle.    There were boards with magnets bearing good deeds kids could do to help out at home.  These magnets would make up the “stones” of the castle.


Kids could choose from these deeds and help build the castle with them by placing them somewhere inside on the walls.


choices for helping out at home:

  • I help my friends
  • I turn off the lights when I leave the room
  • I turn off the water when I’m brushing my teeth
  • I make my grandparents smile
  • I help my neighbors
  • I help take care of my family pet

The Forever Tree – Make a Power Promise


Here, kids could make a promise to do good by choosing one of the available chains, and signing their name to it to add a link to the chain on the tree.

Promise choices were:
  • I promise to share and give to others in my community
  • I promise to take good care of the earth
  • I promise to be kind and caring to people and animals
  • I promise to help out at home and in my neighborhood.




Sofia’s Animal Friends – Care For Animals


At this station, kids could care for Sofia’s animal friends, providing them with food and water, brushing and bathing them, providing a comfortable home, and being kind and gentle to them.



Kids could keep track of the tasks with the checklist.

There was also a “feeding fun” area, where the kids could feed each of Sofia’s animal friends an appropriately colored treat.


Jake and Sofia’s Storytelling Maze
Discover the Power of Storytelling

As you entered, you could choose either a Jake or Sophia storybook to complete.



As you moved through the maze, there were Jake and Sophia rollers to help choose how your story would play out.  Kids could then choose the appropriate stamp to fill in the blanks in their adenture.


Jake’s Beach Treasures – Treasure Nature

The last activity we completed was Jake’s beach.  Here our kids found items buried in the sand and sorted them as  “nature’s treasures” or as things to be recycled.

Hydration Stations

While no food was offered at the event, there were a couple of hydration stations set up for guests to get a cold drink of water in one of these cool Mickey Check Tryit water bottles

Jake and Sofia’s Musical Celebration

After completing all of the activities, guests were directed to leave the activity area by participating in the Radio Disney Junior show.  Kids were led in a sing-along by Radio Disney Junior team, and then were treated to an appearance by Jake and Sofia!

Gifts and Extras

As we exited, the kids could choose a gift to take with them.  There were a few options for both boys and girls, like Sofia Dolls, Spyglasses, necklaces, and inflatable swords.

There was also an extra activity tent presented by the FarmOn! Foundation


Kids were invited to decorate seed envelopes and fill them with various seeds to take home and plant in their own gardens.

It was a good thing we got there early, as the line to enter was incredibly long as we were leaving.

On our way out, we stopped to get a picture with the Disney Junior car.

For a free event, it was definitely worth it.  I felt as we were going through the activities that there could have been more guidance and reinforcement of the ideas to help it stick with the kids. With the large number of kids in attendance, there was no way for that to happen.  Thankfully, there was a “Family Service Guide” included in our bag, which includes ideas on following through with the ideas from the event at home.

All in all it was a fun way to spend a few hours on a beautiful summer day.  We took advantage of being in the city to take in a few sights before we headed home, including the Disney Store in Times Square.

The tour has a few more stops in Houston, the Bay Area, and Los Angeles. If the event is sold out in those areas, we encourage you to keep checking the Disney Junior website to see if more become available. Also, at our event, there was a standby line. Admission is not guaranteed, but if you are in the area and want to attend, this is another option.

Did you attend the Power of Doing Good event?  We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!!


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Sunday 26th of April 2015

i love it go ,sofiago go


Thursday 18th of December 2014

i love sofia

Melissa Julian

Thursday 7th of August 2014

Amazing post and such great photos. We attended this event in Maryland sadly I didn't get such amazing photos my children weren't happy with the early wake up call.

Deb @ Focused on the Magic

Saturday 2nd of August 2014

What a fun event! It looks like the kids had a blast!


Sunday 3rd of August 2014

Thanks, Deb. They certainly did. It was a great way to spend a few hours on a beautiful day!

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