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Display and Share Your Vacation Photos with Nixplay Photo Frames

Nixplay Photo Frames are an easy way to not only display but to share your vacation photos. No printing or technological wizardry required.

nixplay smart frame

I have a confession to make. I take a ton of photos on my phone during our many trips, but I never print any of them out! Call me lazy, but it’s such a hassle to either buy photo paper and print them at home or upload my photos to an app so they can print them. It makes me feel bad that all those great photos remain unseen.

I think may have found a solution to my problem. Nixplay Smart Photo frames allow you to EASILY display and share digital photos in no time. Thanks to the great people at Nixplay, I received a 10.1 inch Nixplay Smart Photo Frame HD to try out. It’s awesome! The device allows you to make custom playlists of your digital photos. Plus you can also share photos with family and friends who have the Nixplay app. And the best part, you don’t need a degree in technology to get the whole thing going.

Getting Started

The first thing you need to do is download the Nixplay app from the Apple Store or Google play. Create your Nixplay account. This will allow you to to manage your account, create playlists and share photos to other frames. You’ll also have to connect your frame to wi-fi. Once all of that is complete, login to your account and get ready to have some fun.

Displaying Photos

From the Nixplay app you can share a photo or video to your frame or create a custom playlist. For my first playlist, I chose to create a slideshow of our summer vacation to Universal and Walt Disney World.

nixplay smart photo frame

I selected the create new playlist button and was given the option of choosing pictures from my phone or Google photos. Once you have uploaded photos to the app, you’ll also have the option of selecting photos from the Nixplay album cloud. You’ll also be able to caption photos before finishing the playlist. Send the playlist to your frame and that’s it! It literally took me under a minute to start sharing my vacation photos. I loved how easy it was to create a playlist of my vacation and send it to my frame. No more excuses for not sharing my photos right away.

As you create new playlists, you’ll have the option in the app to play all or select just the one you want to display. Connecting your Nixplay to Google Photos will ensure your most recent photos are consistently sent to your device.

Sharing Photos

Sometimes vacations consist of more people than just your immediate family. There’s nothing like going through photos of your trip only to realize that the photo you’re looking for was taken by someone else. Nixplay makes it easy to share and send photos with everyone in your traveling party. Through the app, invite friends to share photos to your frame. When you do so, your friends will get an email invite to download the Nixplay app, from which they can share photos and videos to your frame.

Cool Features

Nixplay smart photo frame

Besides everything I mentioned so far, Nixplay also has some other pretty cool features.

  • Remote control lets you navigate the features of your Nixplay frame from the comfort of your couch. It could also be stored behind the frame.
  • Motion sensor senses movement and turns the frame on and off when the feature is enabled.
  • The frame can be displayed in both portrait and landscape. Use the cable stand to position the frame.
  • Nixplay can also be wall mounted and comes with an easy to follow wall mounting guide.

More Uses for Nixplay Photo Frames

Aside from displaying vacation photos, Nixplay can be used for so many other occasions.

  • Create custom slideshows for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and other special events.
  • Make a playlist to display for the holidays. Relive your Christmas memories or take a look back on your Halloween costumes.
  • On New Year’s Eve, make a year in review recap playlist.

For more information in Nixplay Smart Photo Frames, visit

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Thursday 12th of March 2020

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.