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Healthy Finding Dory Inspired Snacks

Almost 13 years ago to the day, “Finding Nemo” swam into theaters. It’s been a long wait, but in just a few weeks, the long-awaited sequel, “Finding Dory”, will make its debut. To celebrate the arrival, we’ve whipped up some healthy “Finding Dory” inspired snacks.

Finding Dory Snacks

Keep Snacks Healthy and Fun

In our house, snacks not only have to be fun, but on the healthy side too. Occasionally, we do splurge, especially during movie nights. But for day-to-day snacking, we try to keep our treats healthful. This is where being a creative mom comes in handy. I learned early on with my kids that if you make food look good (we eat with our eyes, you know) and use a little imagination, they will be more likely to try something new, and dare I say,eat something healthy.

Jackson adds goldfish to celery sticks with colored cream cheese

As a mom, I have some trick in my toolbox that help me accomplish those 2 goals. Cookie cutters, lollipop sticks and cute toothpicks are my best friends. Another thing that has helped is giving my kids ownership over what they eat.  I let them pick out the new healthy foods they want to try. They’re also involved in the preparation of the meals we make and are slowly learning how to create some of the recipes themselves. Because of this, they now like foods like kale and hummus. I talked more about this last year when we took a trip to the farmer’s market.

Finding Dory Snacks

When I set out to create these “Finding Dory” snacks, I kept healthy and fun in mind. The three snacks I made include fruits or vegetables and are presented in a way that is fun for kids. I also made sure that the snacks were colorful, easy to eat and appealing to both their eyes and their stomachs. They were super easy to make too. In fact, I finished one in less than 5 minutes! All of these ideas are also perfect snacks for the kids to help make.

Our snack buffet consisted of:

  • Hank’s Hummus with Sea Cucumbers
  • Dory’s Blue Tang Parfait
  • “Just Keep Swimming” Celery Oceans

Hank’s Hummus with Sea Cucumbers

Hank the Septapus resting in a sea of hummus and surrounded by sea cucumbers

One of the movie’s new characters is Hank, a septopus who lost both his tentacle and sense of humor. His snack is a layer of hummus “sand”, a ring of “sea”cucumbers and seaweed (curly parsley) and is topped with an orange pepper Hank. I cut out the eyes from a printed picture and attached it to a toothpick.

Dory’s Blue Tang Parfait

Yogurt and Jello Parfait with bananas and blueberries to resemble Dory's colors

What else is there to say about Dory but she’s awesome. In this installment, she’s off to find the family she finally remembers. I used her beautiful colors to create a delicious parfait in her honor. Sugar-free blue jello, blueberries, and bananas are layered and topped with a dollop of vanilla yogurt.

“Just Keep Swimming” Celery Oceans

Goldfish swim a top celery sticks lined with blue cream cheese.

Since this is Dory’s movie, I had to pay homage to her most famous quote. Celery pieces are topped with blue-tinted whipped cream cheese and “Finding Dory” themed Goldfish crackers. I piped the cream cheese with a food storage bag to make waves.


A Healthy Spread for kids of all ages to enjoy

These snacks are perfect for pre-movie snacking, a family movie night or a fun summer treat for the kids. “Finding Dory” opens in theaters June 17th. We can’t wait!

For more Finding Dory fun, check out a Month of Finding Dory over at Love Our Crazy Life. Just keep swimming!




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