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New School Year, New Wheels | Hover-1 Journey Electric Scooter

Back to school time means new classes, new teachers, new schedule, new clothes, and a new list of items we need to help make it all go smoothly.

You may not have thought of adding a new electric scooter to that list, but hear me out. The Hover-1 Journey Electric Scooter can make getting back and forth to school a lot more convenient, and fun!

We’re working with Best Buy to talk about the Hover-1 Journey Electric Scooter. I’ll admit it was not something I was thinking about writing about until we were asked. But as with all our reviews, you can trust that our opinion is 100% our own.

Hover-1 Journey Electric Scooter

We’ve seen a number of electric scooters, and I know our kids love them because they always want to try them out when possible. Here are some of the highlights of the Hover-1 Journey Electric Scooter:

Speeds of up to 14mph

14 mph is not slow, but nor is it too fast to control, or so fast you worry about your kids when they’re riding.

Foldable Design

Easy to store because it folds up. That means we don’t have to leave it outside all the time, or stuff it in garage like the bikes. It weighs 27 lbs, so while it’s not super-light, it’s easy to lift and carry but also sturdy.

Safety in Mind

The Hover-1 Journey is equipped with both electronic brakes and foot brakes to help bring it to a stop safely. It also has a headlight, which is not only great for helping to see, but for helping other vehicles see you! The larger than normal tires also add stability, so cracks, rocks, sticks and other debris are less of a hazard.

Best Buy also has options for protective headgear to go with the Hover-1 Journey or any of their scooters.

Advantages of a Scooter

The Hover-1 Journey is a great option for kids who live in that bubble zone where they are too close to take the bus and far enough that walking takes a bit of time. It’s also great for college students to use to get around campus.

The Hover-1 Journey can handle up to 220lbs. While that means I won’t be riding one until I shed some weight, it can definitely transport my daughter AND her over-stuffed backpack full of school supplies.

With a charge that lasts 16 miles, it doesn’t need to be charged every day. Bella can get a full week of round trips to her school or the library next door before needing to charge again. If she goes to the library after school, she’s not allowed to take the late bus home. Another reason the scooter would be a good option.

Final Thoughts

The Hover-1 Journey electric scooter gets a 4/5 customer review rating over at Best Buy. The features are great. So if you’re looking for something practical and fun, this scooter looks like it might be a great option.

If you’re considering purchasing, make sure you are aware of all the rules of using scooter in your town. I know our little village has a number of laws that don’t apply to people in neighboring towns, so it’s worth it to do a little homework.

What do you think? Would an electric scooter be something you’d consider getting your child to help get back and forth to school or around campus this fall? Let us know in the comments!

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Guadalupe Koutz

Monday 4th of January 2021

While some scooters come ready to use, others require assembling. Ensure you can handle assembly before purchasing one that doesn’t come prebuilt, lest you face the wrath of a dissapointed toddler.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.