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Ideas for Disney Bounding as a Family

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Yellow Loop. Today we are sharing DisneyBounding ideas for you and your family.

We are not a matchy-matchy t-shirt kind of family. While we have been spotted wearing character t-shirts, we’d much rather wear styles that suit our personality. Lately, we’ve been doing theme days. We choose a theme for a particular park touring day such as Mickey, Star Wars, Frozen and coordinate outfits bases on that theme. That way everyone gets to wear the style of shirt they like to wear.

In our family we prefer to coordinate by color or theme.

Something that we haven’t tried yet as a family, but are eager to do, is Disney Bounding. For those that may not know, Disney Bounding is using items that you have in your closet or can buy in a store to create a look that represents your favorite character. Since we are the type of family that wants to wear our own thing but still coordinate, Disney Bounding is perfect for us!

Disney Bounding as a family is easy to do, once you get everyone on board. Our first Disney Bounding attempt will be on our next trip this February. There’s a couple of things to consider before we begin choosing our looks.


Choose a Theme

There’s a few different ways we can go with it. We can choose a movie and have each family member choose their own character. We could choose a genre such as princesses or villains. Lastly, we could choose a character group such as the Fab 5.


Choose Your Characters

The awesome part about Disney bounding is you are not limited on the character you choose. You can choose any character, primary or secondary, whatever suits your mood.  Since you are only using the colors and style as inspiration, girls also don’t have to be limited by just girl characters. For our Disney Side party last year, my mom Disney Bounded as Nemo.

My mom Disney Bounding as Nemo (minus the hat)


Create Your Look

The first place we’ll look is our own closets. More than likely we’ll have articles of clothing in our wardrobe that will suit our needs. We may be successful and only need to purchase accessories. If not we can easily find the clothes we need at any store. My Anna Halloween costume (with the exception of my cape) was all found in my closet. The cape could have been easily swapped out for a pink scarf or sweater.

As of right now, our family is leaning towards Disney Bounding as the characters from Inside Out. This seems pretty easy since each character is attached to a particular color and emotion. I’d like to be Disgust. Here’s an example of what my look might be. This was created by the Queen of Disney Bounding, Leslie Kay. (You can see all of her creations on her site, DisneyBound. She’s amazing)

While this look fits Disgust perfectly, I might make a few adjustments if I were to wear this to the park. For example, the flats could be swapped for some Converse. I would also wear a flower pendant or pin in place of the jewelry. It’s all about creating a look that is good for you.

Disney Bounding will help each member of our family show their own personality and creativity while still showing off their Disney Side. I can’t wait to see how our first Disney Bounding experience will turn out.

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Muhammad Asif

Friday 23rd of December 2022

Nice Post thanks

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Monday 14th of September 2015

Now that we'll be traveling with my son Ryan for the first time, I can't wait to force everyone to Disney Bound! I will be nice, though, and not force everyone to match. My husband will be very thankful for your tip! :)


Saturday 29th of August 2015

I have tried the idea of coordinating my family in any way and my husband poo-poos it. How did you talk James into it?

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