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Turtle Talk with Crush

Nested in the lower level of The Living Seas is Turtle Talk with Crush. This gem is not only great entertainment, it’s educational too! Crush, from the movie Finding Nemo, makes for one of the most fun educators. Now, who wouldn’t want a sea turtle as a teacher?

When you come into the ‘classroom’, Cast Members instruct the little dudes and dudettes to sit on the ‘sea grass’ down in front. This is so they can get the best view of Crush and he can get the best view of them. They, and sometimes their ‘parentals’, are a big part of Crush’s show!

During the 15-minute long conversation, Crush talks to his audience via ‘hydrophone’. The first thing he does is to make sure the audience is on the same page with him, lingo wise. You need to know all the meanings of the word dude and how to use the words totally and sweet appropriately. You’ll be speaking turtle just like the Crush man in no time!

Kids are encouraged to ask him questions. They are free to ask him anything! From marine biology to his underwater pals to personal questions, Crush will answer it all in his humorous surfer-ese. Even if he doesn’t know it, he will try his best. And if you’re really lucky maybe some of his Finding Nemo pals will drop by.

The best part of this attraction is that no two talks are the same! Technology has enabled Crush to talk to visitors individually. He will even address you by name. What happens during the show is all up to you!

On our last visit to Turtle Talk with Crush, we learned a neat little fun fact about sea turtles.

Do you know why sea turtles are green?

As a part of their diet, turtles eat sea grass. The green color from the sea grass causes their skin and shells to turn green.

You never know what you are going to learn when you visit Crush at “Turtle Talk with Crush”!

Have you visited Turtle Talk with Crush? What did you learn? Leave us a comment!

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Amy Zellers

Thursday 15th of May 2014

I never knew that about sea turtles! Cool!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.