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5 Ways to Kick Start Your Disney Vacation at Home

You’re going to Disney World! That’s great! You can’t wait to hit the parks, ride the rides, enjoy a Dole Whip and soak in all the Disney magic. But did you know that your Disney vacation actually can start before you leave?

How you ask? There are some things you can do from the comfort of your living room that will excite your family and gear you up for your vacation to the Happiest Place on Earth! Here are 5 suggestions for kicking off your magical Disney adventure at home!

1. Countdown

Something our family likes to do is to create a countdown. It’s great to see the days get less and less as we get closer and closer to vacation. These can be as simple as a white board.

Or crafty like this countdown chain. Each link has something we want to do, see or eat at Disney. We loved this idea because it was unique to our family and was also kid friendly.

Learn how to make this Disney Countdown Chain

Whichever route you decide to go, it will be exciting to countdown to ‘0’ days!

2. Disney Movie/Theme Nights

This is an idea that I picked up from the DIS boards. What is Disney Movie/Theme Night? It’s an entire night dedicated to one movie. We eat food, play games, and do crafts related to the movie.As our vacation gets closer, we start our movie nights. Our family put all of our movies in a huge plastic bucket. Then we take turns picking which movie we’ll watch. On movie night, the whole family gets together and participates in the fun! It’s a great bonding experience and just another fun way to kick off your vacation.

Here are some of our favorite movie nights!

Disney Movie Nights

Grab your favorite Disney movie and make an awesome family night of it with these ideas for food, games, and decor to go with it!

3. Watch Videos

This tip is great for first timers. YouTube is full of Disney videos. You can watch videos of many of the WDW rides. This is especially good if you have a skittish little one at home they can see what the ride is like before you go! Also some families have taken the time to make video montages of their Disney vacation. Ours is still a work in progress. In the meantime, check out the videos from user ‘bosox2001’.  Their videos are amazing and totally get you into the Disney spirit!

4. Get Crafty

This tip you can easily incorporate into a Disney Family Movie/Theme Night. You can make some Disney crafts for your trip.

Last year we made our own autograph books!

You could also make:

For more inspiration, check out some of the ideas on our Pinterest page.

5. Dance to the Music

Music is the perfect way to get any party started! There are many different places you can visit to listen to Disney music. From ride music to park favorites to movie soundtracks, these are our favorite places to visit if we want to get our groove on.

  • Live 365 – especially Mouseworld Radio
  • D-Cot – Lots of music from all of your favorite Disney attractions
  • YouTube – Our favorite is WDWFACTS1
We hope you find these tips helpful and will use one or even all of them as you and your family get ready to start your Disney vacation!
Do you have a special way to get psyched for your vacation? Tell us about it! Write on our Facebook wall, send us an e-mail or tweet us! We’d love to hear from you!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.