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New Songs for “Frozen: The Broadway Musical”

When we first saw “Frozen”, we knew it was destined to become a Broadway show. Now, As “Frozen: The Broadway Musical” prepares to make its official debut nearly five years later, we’re getting our first look at how much more grown up this version is by the songs that have been added.

Frozen Broadway Elsa Sings

If these first few songs are any indication, the soundtrack to “Frozen: The Broadway Musical” is certain to be played again and again in our house and in the car once it’s available. Here are the first few songs of the dozen or so added numbers that have been added.

So far, 4 songs have been released. Each one has been realeased as part of “Frozen Fridays” as we get closer to the official debut of “Frozen: The Broadway Musical” on March 22nd.

Dangerous to Dream

“Dangerous to Dream” is sung by Elsa during her coronation as queen. The song gives us more of a look at Elsa’s point of view at her relationship with Anna and how she wishes she could show her “who’s behind the door”.

What Do You Know About Love?

“What Do You Know About Love?” gives us a duet between Anna and Kristoff. This takes the place of their conversation and chase by wolves during the film. Instead, the scene has been reimagined with this song as the pair journey to Elsa’s ice palace. Crossing an icy rope bridge replaces the wolf chase.


“Monster” is another look into Elsa’s struggle with her powers and how she’s affected everyone around her. It’s sung after she tells Anna to leave her alone in her ice palace. She hears Prince Hans and his men coming for her.  It’s a darker moment than anything in the film. Elsa openly wonders “is everyone in danger as long as I’m alive”.

True Love

As the title suggests, this is an Anna song. Though, it’s not exactly a happy take on the subject. In the movie, this would be sung after Prince Hans revealed his plans to her and locked her in the cold room to die.  Anna finds some irony in the situation, singing “I’ve sat alone in this room before…” Despite having her dreams of true love dashed, the song ends on a stubborn note, as Anna admits that even after all she’s been through, she can’t let go of the dream.


As you can hear, we’re definitely getting more of Elsa’s side of the story than just “Let it Go”. (Don’t worry, that song is still in there, as well as an added reprise). It will also still have Olaf and Sven to lighten the mood. Despite that, It’s hard to say how most people will react to this somewhat darker version of such a popular family movie.

Personally, I’m glad they didn’t turn in into a stage show with the exact same script and songs. While I enjoyed the movie, I think I’ll enjoy the musical even more due to the added depth. I hope they peel back the layers on Hans a bit more, as well.

Bella seeing first Broadway Musical Wicked at Kids Night on Broadway

In a way, it’s fitting that “Frozen” has matured because our family’s biggest “Frozen” fan has also done a lot of growing up in the last 5 years. The timing for “Frozen: The Broadway Musical” couldn’t be better as Broadway has become her thing.

Now I just have to manage to get tickets.

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Kimberly Baker

Monday 26th of March 2018

When I first heard about the Frozen Broadway show, I didn’t have high hopes for it. I was expecting a stage adaptation of the movie. But now that we’ve heard these wonderful new songs and seen the amazing photos from the show, I cannot wait for this show! I’m really hoping they’ll do a tour of it and come to Nashville so I can see it!

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