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Oregon Pinot Gris Fondue | Territory Lounge at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

Earlier this week, I laid out a plan for creating the perfect Disney Date Night at Walt Disney World. Part of that plan was starting the night off with drinks and an appetizer.
Oregon Pinot Gris Fondue at Territory Lounge
We headed over to the Territory Lounge at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.  Our chosen appetizer was the Oregon Pinot Gris Fondue.

Oregon Pinot Gris Fondue

We love a good fondue, and we had our eye on this one since we booked our reservation at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.

This is a cheese fondue served with bread and fruit. It sounds simple, but it’s very good and can be surprisingly filling.

The Pinot Gris serves as the wine base that the cheese is melted into.  The result is a delicious, creamy sauce to dip other foods into. Our cheese was not clumpy, nor was it too thick or too thin.  It was just right.
The cheese is served in a rustic-looking pot, warmed by a flame underneath.
The cheese was accompanied by cubed crusty bread and sliced red and green apples.
The sides listed on the official menu are pretzel bread and grapes.  The sides change seasonally, apparently.
They gave us a handful of wooden forks to use to dip our bread and fruit into the cheese.  We’ve eaten at fondue places where they provide metal fondue forks, but these small wooden forks did the job without any issues.
It was the perfect size for two people to share, especially as we were eating dinner right after.  It cost $11, plus we had some drinks as well, so it wasn’t too expensive.
The Territory Lounge is located in the lobby of Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.