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Planning for Spring Break at Disney World

Spring Break is a popular time for families to head to Disney World. Do you want to visit, but fear the crowds may be too overwhelming for you to enjoy yourself?

Spring Break Crowds at Disney World

Here’s why heading to Walt Disney World for Spring Break is totally worth it, and how to handle those crowds.

Why Spend Spring Break at Disney World

  1. You have a whole week off and could use the vacation!
  2. The weather in Florida is usually pretty awesome this time of year!
  3. The International Flower & Garden Festival is in full swing!
  4. Easter Festivities!

The one downside? Everybody and their mom has the same idea, so you’ll be dealing with large crowds. But really, that’s going to be the case at any popular vacation spot during Spring Break.

How to Pack for Spring Break at Disney World

Crowds at Disney's Animal Kingdom

We’ve gone to Walt Disney World in all four seasons, and March and April are two of the most gorgeous months to be there. The average high is about 80 degrees. The lows are typically around 60 degrees. It only rains about 4-5 days each month in the Spring. But always check the forecast before you leave!

Guests visit the butterfly pavilion at Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival

If you find 60 degrees to be a bit chilly, then layers are the key. Having a light sweater or jacket for the mornings and late evenings will be important. Other than that, you can wear anything you find comfortable without fear of over-heating. Pack a poncho if rain is expected, because you won’t dry out as fast as you might in the Summer. Get our free printable packing list here!

Spring Break Must-Dos

Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival

The Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival is the can’t miss event at Walt Disney World in the Spring. The amazing gardens, the hands-on exhibits, the outdoor kitchens, and the concerts make it a full sensory experience! You may want to plan to visit Epcot more than once during your stay!

Bella meeting Easter Bunny at Disney World

For Easter, you can meet the Easter Bunny and see a special parade at Magic Kingdom. There is usually an egg-hunt at Epcot. Some resorts offer Easter Mass and displays. The “bougie” Easter Eggs on display at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa are quite impressive.

How to Handle Spring Break Crowds at Disney World

Spring Crowd at Magic Kingdom in Disney World

As we said, the one downside to spending your Spring Break at Walt Disney World is that it is one of the most crowded times to go the parks.

Our best advice is to utilize FastPass+ in the afternoon when crowds and lines are heaviest, and plan a sit-down lunch or early dinner for a break! You will run into lines at some point. The key is to minimize your waits, and find ways to make the waits bearable when you have to.

Here are some more great strategies to make the most of your Spring Break from seasoned Disney veterans:

Mike from “My Dreams of Disney”:

Touring Plans, Touring Plans, Touring Plans, and make sure that you keep an open mind on your trip. Don’t try and do every single thing, be easy going and open to just “go where the path lies.”

Julie from Mom ReWritten

Plan to arrive at the parks very early to take advantage of lighter morning crowds. You can accomplish a lot in the first two hours when everyone else is still in bed!

Didi from Post50Rx

The Quick Service lines at Spring Break time are consistently the longest I’ve ever experienced. (Worse than Christmas holiday time!) Schedule dining reservations at least once a day; your family will appreciate a seat and a sane meal. You can share meals, order just appetizers, and keep it healthy by drinking just water to help keep the costs similar to what you would spend at Quick Service.

Jennifer from The Delightful Life

It’s sometimes hard to do at first… but be aware of the many opportunities for rides, attractions, and places to play that don’t include lines! Some of our favorite family memories in Disney Parks are playing in fountains, looking for hidden Mickeys, etc!

The Bottom Line

topiaries at flower and garden

While Spring Break may be one of the more crowded times to visit Walt Disney World, it can also be one of the best times to go! Be sure to plan ahead and manage your expectations.

Guide to handling crowds, must do attractions and packing advice for Spring Break at Walt Disney World.

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