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Poo-nicorns Toys Combine Hottest Trends in One Easter Basket

This Easter, put two of the hottest toy trends together in one basket with Poo-nicorns plushes and collectibles!

Poonicorns Easter Basket Full of Plushiez Droplings Squishiez

Toys from Fun 2 Play’s “Poo-niverse” check all the boxes for what kids are looking for in toys this year: Emojis… Unicorns… Potty Humor… Soft and Squishie… and Collectibles.  Check out what a Poo-nicornicopia basket looks like!

We were introduced to the “Poo-niverse” at Toy Fair in New York last month. Our new friends at Fun 2 Play toys were kind enough to send us a couple of baskets to review and we decided to give one of them away!

The Poo-nicorns

Poo-nicorns Equation



On the surface, it appears someone just took some poop and stuck a unicorn horn in it. But, like many great toys, there is a story behind the “Poo-nicorns”:

Not too long ago, a poo shaped meteorite struck a planet filled with unicorns, dinosaurs and creatures of the sea causing an A-poo-calypse. The collision created a world that is filled with Poo-nicorns™ and other quirky, lovable creatures. Join Bloopy, Blossom, Fawna, Lolly, and Skyla on their fun filled series of adventures through the lands of Poo-topia.

Our daughter has always told us that there was a planet somewhere in the universe where unicorns lived. But I’m not sure she ever imagined that it was hit by a poo-shaped meteorite.

Meet The Poo-nicorns

Each main Poo-nicorn is a different color and, at least online in the webisodes, has a unique “poo-ty mark” which denotes a special power.  Unfortunately, none of the toys have these “poo-ty” marks.

Poo-nicorn Easter Basket

Poonicorns Easter Basket with Plushiez Droplings and Squishiez

Poo-nicorns make great Easter basket choices for many reasons. You can mix and match from several different toys to make your own “Poo-nicornicopia” that is sure to please any child this holiday. Some Poo-nicorns can be on the large size, so a get a basket with lots of room! Our basket contained a well-rounded assortment of Poo-nicorn toys.

Poo-nicorn Plushiez

Poonicorns Plushiez

Our basket contained 3 different poo-nicorn plush characters. The blue one pictured above is a large 14″ poo-nicorn that has feet, but no arms. It also sports a horn and a colorful tuft of hair, as well as hair running down the back. There was also a 6″ size green Plushiez. For Easter, I especially like the purple Plushiez that could turn into an egg. This one is slightly larger than the 6″, and a little less rigid. Ours wouldn’t stand up on its own as easily as the others, but it was a little bit softer and the transformation between egg and poo-nicorn added some extra fun!

Poo-nicorn Pillow

Poonicorns Pillow

The poo-nicorn pillow differs from the plushiez in that it has no legs or hair on the backside. It makes a cute throw pillow and comes in each character/color.

Poo-nicorn Droplings

Poonicorns Droplings Eggs Easter

Droplings are Plushiez Pals that come in plastic eggs. This makes them a good choice for Easter baskets and adds that blind bag aspect to the fun. You don’t know which you’re going to get until you open it and see! Each Droplings poo-nicorn has a clip so you can attach it to your backpack, lunchbox, or belt loop and take the fun with you!

Droplings Eggs can also be added to your Easter Egg hunt. We usually fill our traditional plastic eggs with loose change. Having a special egg for the kids to find adds a little more excitement and gives them something they can play with right away.

Poo-nicorn Squishiez

Poonicorns Squishiez

The smallest of the poo-nicorns, Squishies are collectibles that come in their own little plastic balls. Unlike the droplings eggs, these containers are more sturdy and can be used to play with your Squishiez or to help display them. I like that they aren’t so squishy as to pick up every speck of dust, lint, or random hair they come into contact with. They are also not super tiny.

poo-nicorn squishiez pencil topper.jpg

There is a hole in the bottom of each which means they can be used as pencil/pen toppers.

Poo-nicornitopia Webisodes

Kids can follow along with the adventures of their favorite Poo-nicorns online. The Poo-nicornicopia web series can be watched on YouTube. Here’s the first episode:

The episodes are cute, short, and each has a lesson to share.

Poo-nicorns as Tablet/Phone Stands

Poonicorns Plushiez double as Phone Tablet Holders

I’m not sure why they don’t have arms or hands, but only giving them feet means that the Plushiez can double as tablet/phone holders! Which is perfect if you’re watching a Poo-nicornicopia Webisode! I’m not sure if the folks at Fun 2 Play meant for them to be used like this, but it’s cool that you can! (The only one this didn’t work with was the one that transforms into an egg. The legs aren’t stiff enough.)

Poo-nicorns Giveaway!

Poonicorns Easter Basket Giveaway

Thanks to the generosity of the folks at Fun 2 Play toys, we have enough Poo-nicorns to send out a basket to one lucky family. The basket will include:

  • Blue “Bloopy” 14″ Plushiez
  • Pink “Lolly” Pillow
  • Purple “Fawna” 6″ Plushiez
  • Mystery Plushiez Egg
  • Mystery Droplings Egg
  • 5 Mystery Squishiez

All you need to do to enter is sign up for our email newsletter. We’ll wait until 11:59pm ET on Monday, April 2nd to select a winner from our email subscribers! Good Luck!

*Important: When you sign up, we’ll send a confirmation email. You must confirm your subscription to be added to the list! This way we know you didn’t sign up unless you meant to! You can unsubscribe anytime if you wish*


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