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Surprise Packs Add Egg-citement to Any Easter Basket

Half the fun of Easter is finding the eggs. The other half is the excitement of opening them to see what is  inside! These surprise packs from Moose Toys are the perfect addition to any Easter basket. We received these products for free. Our opinions are our own.

shopkins petkins surprise Easter basket

We love giving toys as opposed to candy inside our kids’ baskets. Opening these surprise packs gives them a totally different kind of rush. Here are the toys we found inside our Easter Basket of surprise packs…

The Basket of Surprise Packs

Jackson had fun opening the surprise packs in our Easter basket. He even saved some for his sister!

Shopkins Easter Egg 2-pack

shopkins Easter egg

These little eggs are perfect for Easter Egg Hunts and each has two shopkins hidden inside. Just $3 each, you could splurge for many to hunt or just add one or two for extra egg-citement. Maybe you’ll find the rare Shopkins mini-eggs!

Or, you could buy a Shopkins pack and fill your own eggs.

Happy Places Shopkins Surprise Delivery Packs

shopkins happy places stable petkins

The Happy Places Shopkins Surprise Packs come with 3 Petkins and 1 tile, which connects to every Happy Places play set. Just $3 each, the Surprise Pack is a fun and easy way to add to your Happy Places Shopkins collection.

Pikmi Pops Season 2 Single Packs

season 2 pikmi pops surprise

Pikmi Pops were a big hit with our kids as stocking-stuffers a few months ago. At only $5 each, it makes sense that they would also be great Easter basket options, too. Inside each pop is a scented mini plush toy. They can be played with, displayed, or used as accessories for backpacks, purses, etc.

Little Live Pets Surprise Chick

little live pets surprise chick

Another egg you can choose to put in an Easter basket, the Little Live Pets Surprise Chick “hatches” to reveal one of 4 interactive chicks that sing and hop around. Kids won’t know exactly when their chick will hatch or which one is inside. $15 each, these cute little birdies make fun pets.

Fizz N Surprise

fizz n surprise mermaid and dinosaur

One of the trends we noticed at Toy Fair was that toy makers are coming up with new ways to reveal the surprise of a mystery pack or blind bag. These $5 Fizz N Surprise eggs are a great example of adding some fun to the reveal as kids Drop, Fizz, and Find their surprise.

The “fizz” is created as the egg dissolves in the warm water. It reminds me of a bath bomb. Once it has dissolved, all that is left is the toy that was inside. There are over 28 Dinosaurs and 12 Mermaids. The dinosaur pieces can be mixed and matched. The mermaids change color when dipped in hot or cold water.

shopkins petkins surprise Easter Basket

Thank you to Moose Toys for sending us this awesome Easter basket of Surprise toys! Jackson loved opening his surprises!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.