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Disney Chocolate Covered Marshmallows

All this talk yesterday about snacks on our 10 Best Snacks post got us hungry.  For Tasty Tuesday, it’s fitting we choose one of those snacks to enjoy.  Chocolate-Covered Marshmallows on a stick like the ones at Goofy’s Candy Co. are both delicious and very simple to make!

Picture it: Disney MGM Studios… 2006.  We were browsing the shops along Hollywood Blvd while waiting for the gates to open for Fantasmic!  It was in the shop adjacent to the Villains store where we first stumbled across these bite-size treats with their convenient handles.  We bought one for each of us and brought them into the show to enjoy while we waited.


Lisa and I enjoying our Chocolate-Covered Marshmallows at Fantasmic!
They were delicious! So much so that the following trip we made it a point to get more for our Fantasmic! viewing.  The concept is so simple, yet so great.  To top it off, our marshmallows were skewered on Mickey straws instead of a plain stick.
Now, Goofy’s Candy Co. had opened the year before, but we were somehow unaware of the awesomeness of the customizable treats it offers.  It wasn’t until our last visit that we treated ourselves to some of those amazing creations, including marshmallows on a stick!
Marshmallow Sticks made up to look like Mickey’s Shorts at Goofy’s Candy Co.
Okay, so they’re not on Mickey straws, but they certainly are cute! It’s almost a shame to eat them!  These little beauties inspired us to make our own!
At-Home Twist: 
What you’ll need:
Jumbo Marshmallows


Skewer of your choice (we like twisty straws or lollipop sticks)

Topping (sugar, candy, nuts etc)

  • Skewer the marshmallows onto the stick. We usually put 3.
  • Meanwhile, melt the chocolate in a double boiler or a glass bowl placed over simmering water. (you can always use a microwave at 50%, but it takes longer and doesn’t come out as smooth)
  • Once the chocolate is melted, dip the marshmallow sticks inside and cover with chocolate
  • Place on a piece of wax or parchment paper
  • Immediately, put on the topping of your choice
  • Allow to harden

These we made to look like Mickey’s shorts for our son’s 2nd birthday party!

How would you make your marshmallow treat?

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Wednesday 1st of May 2013

Not only are they cute, but they are so easy to do. Definitely give them a try. Thanks for stopping by!

Beth Green

Wednesday 1st of May 2013

those are so stinkin' cute! I'll have to try them soon! My 4 year old would love them. I think I'd go with the Mickey shorts too. However, we're having a Nemo party this fall- maybe I could create something Nemoish!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.