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8 Reasons We Love the Disney World Monorail


We were recently asked what our favorite mode of Disney transportation is. Hands down, it’s the iconic Walt Disney World Monorail.

Walt Disney World Monorail Black at Transportation and Ticket Center

To some, the Monorail may simply be a mode of transportation, but for us it is so much more. Here are 8 reasons why we love the Walt Disney World Monorail.

The Walt Disney World Monorail

This “highway in the sky” stretches 14.7 miles and accommodates about 50 million guests each year. Twelve color-themed monorails operate on 3 lines: Resort, Express and Epcot. All three converge at the Transportation and Ticket Center allowing guests easy access to any of the three lines.

Rich Disney History

Walt Disney World Monorail Lime Green

The Monorail is a Walt Disney World institution. It debuted on October 1, 1971 with two lines. Its purpose was to give guests a feeling that they were being whisked off to a far away place, which was Walt Disney’s vision. Designs for the Walt Disney World system were based on the Disneyland system which was already in existence. The system eventually expanded to three lines in 1982.

Great View 

Disney's Grand Floridian Resort Hotel as seen from the Monorail

Some of the best views of the Seven Seas Lagoon can be seen from the Resort loop of the Monorail system. From the ferries steaming by to the beautiful opulence of the Grand Floridian, the daytime views are nothing short of breathtaking. There’s nothing more spectacular than seeing the Magic Kingdom in the distance from that vantage point. And at night, if you’re lucky you can get an amazing view of the Water Pageant that performs nightly from various locations on the lagoon.

The Epcot Monorail line actually takes you into the park and through Future World, circling around Spaceship Earth, providing a unique view of the park before stopping at the station.


Walt Disney World Monorail blue Epcot Fountain

With three lines, you can use the Monorail system to get from the Transportation and Ticket Center to either Magic Kingdom or Epcot.  You can also use it to park hop between these two parks by switching lines at the TTC.

The Monorail also provides quick and easy access to the Magic Kingdom or Epcot if you are staying at one of the “Monorail Resorts”.  The Resort line services The Contemporary Resort and Bay Lake Tower, Disney’s Polynesian Resort, and the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. Likewise, the Resort loop gives park guests not staying at those resorts easy access to the great dining options and entertainment if they choose to visit.

Best of all, the Monorail is free.  There is no extra charge to ride the Monorail, and you don’t need to have a park ticket or room key to hop on board.

Eco Friendly 

Walt Disney World Monorail Gold

Since the Monorail runs on electricity, it doesn’t pollute the air like our cars, trucks, and non-electric trains.  It’s also very quiet compared to other forms of transportation.  Could you imagine the steam locomotives running through the Contemporary Resort?

Those are the obvious ways in which the monorail is eco-friendly, but you may not have realized that its track design is also less harmful to the environment than a road or traditional railway. Because the track is elevated, there is no need to clear the ground of plant life for the entire length of the track.  You only need clearing for the supports.  On top of that, the monorail track casts only a narrow shadow that changes position as the day goes by, allowing surrounding plants to get their needed sunlight and rain.

Great Break

Bella and Jackson enjoying a ride on the Walt Disney World Monorail

Florida heat can be intense, especially in the afternoon. It’s nice to take a break from the heat. If you don’t feel like going all the way back to the hotel, your air-conditioned highway in the sky is just what you need. Relax and take a loop around Seven Seas Lagoon. It also makes a great place for little ones to take a stroller nap.

Has its Own T-Shirt

The monorail is right up there with Cinderella Castle and Spaceship Earth as a Disney theme park icon.  We always stop and take pictures of the monorail when we see it coming.  And who can’t help repeating: “Por favor mantengase alejado de las puertas!”?   


wakt disney world monorail red in epcot passing by Journey Into Imagination

If you want to learn fun facts and get useful information about Walt Disney World, then ride the Monorail. Your guided tour will provide you with helpful trip tips to help make your vacation more enjoyable. On the resort loop, you can get park times, hotel information and details about the restaurants in each resort. On the Epcot loop, you can learn all about the themed lands of Epcot, Future World and World Showcase. Some fun facts we learned by listening to the Epcot loop was that World Showcase is 40 acres and Spaceship Earth is 18 stories tall.  

A Fun Game

Walt Disney World Monorail Orange with Zootopia Overlay

As parents, we’re always looking for something fun to do with our kids while waiting in line. If you happen to be waiting for the monorail, you can play a little game with your kids that will help make the time pass. Have them guess which color Monorail will pull into the station next. You could also do the same if you’re hanging out in Future World in Epcot or at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom.

How do you feel about the Monorail?  Tell us why in the comments below!

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Beth Green

Saturday 5th of July 2014

This is an EXCELLENT review of the monorail! I haven't even thought of all you wrote about. I love my monorail t-shirt too! :)

Melissa Knight

Friday 27th of June 2014

The monorail is something that is so much a part of my Disney memories that I can't help but ride it every visit. I love your photos!


Thursday 26th of June 2014

I second the great break. I can't count the number of toddler naps that have been taken aboard a monorail.

Jennifer Lissak

Monday 9th of June 2014

I love the monorail! I'm really excited to ride on the monorail at Disneyland in a few weeks and see the Mark VII model!

Heidi Strawser

Monday 9th of June 2014

We ADORE the monorail. In fact, my son Ian would go to Disney if the monorail were the only attraction there! He loves it THAT much! We've been known to hop on and just make several loops around - for the fun of it!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.