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Countdown to Disney Chain Project

Summertime for our family usually means it’s time to start counting down to our annual trip to Disney. This year is no exception. In just 30 days we will begin our journey back home. To get ourselves excited for a trip, we usually begin an official countdown at the 30 day mark.

This was ours last year.

We used just a simple whiteboard and changed the number each day. This year I thought we’d try something different.

There are many different types of countdown crafts all over the internet. Deciding which type to do was the hard part. I wanted it to be something our kids could make and also use. I also wanted it to be a project that could be unique and just for our family.

So using this project as inspiration…

…I came up with our very own Countdown Chain! Unlike the ones I had seen before, written on each link in the chain is something we can’t wait to see, do or eat!

First we cut strips of yellow and red scrapbook paper, and numbered them from 1-30.

Then, on the opposite side, we wrote what we were excited to see, do or eat.

Here’s a few examples:




Then we linked the paper together…

…and attached it to the countdown title.

Everyday, we will take off one link of the chain and share what it says.

Do you want to know what we are most excited to see, do, and eat? Then come back each day to find out!

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NDM 130

Friday 18th of April 2014

Your idea is great! I really like the idea of posting what you are excited about for each trip. Thanks for sharing your post on the Disney Driven Life!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.