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Disney Pin crafts

“Let’s put a Pin in it…”

A lot of time and money goes into collecting Disney pins.   So what do you do with those treasures once you get home?  It would be nice to have a way to show them off.   Here’s a few ideas we found for making a home for your pin collection.

Inspired by ideas we found on Pinterest, we decided to make something to display Bella’s Disney pins.
We bought various materials at the craft store, including 12×12 canvas boards, 12×12 cork board, a 12×12 shadow box, 12×12 scrapbook pages and Disney stickers and scrapbook cutouts.  By having everything the same size, we can easily mix and match materials with minimal cutting.
We’ll probably make a few different displays, one for each of our kids, and at least one for us.  We let Bella choose her materials.
Bella chose the shadow box, cork board,
and black mickey head scrapbook paper,
as well as the Princess and Tink stickers and cutouts.
With Mom supervising and Jackson looking on, Bella got to work.
She designed her background on the scrapbook paper,
which was attached to the cork board.
She laid out her pins, and then she pushed them through the
paper and cork board backing
She then turned over the cork board and secured the pins
using the mickey head pin backs.
Final step, placing the project inside the shadow box,
secured with double-sided tape.
The finished product.

Not a bad little piece of art.  The shadow box was on sale at the craft store, so in all, this cost around $15 to make.  With the other materials we have, we’ll make displays for the rest of our pins, and we’ll be sure to share them with you!What do you think of Bella’s pin display?  Do you have any unique ways of showing off your pin collection?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.