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Zebra Domes – As Good As They Say?

Zebra Domes.  Very few Disney treats are held in higher esteem than these treats.  People rave about this delectable delight found at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.  Are they as good as everyone says they are?
Zebra Domes 21
Here’s all you need to know: What they are. Where to find them. How to make them… and whether we think they live up to the hype.
Zebra Domes

 What are Zebra Domes?

Zebra Domes small, almost bite-size treats.  They are made of a layer of white cake, a dome of Kahlua, chocolate and espresso flavored mousse, topped with a white chocolate ganache, and drizzled in a zebra-stripe pattern with dark chocolate.  (If you want to make them yourself, keep scrolling for the recipe!)

Home of the Domes – Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Unlike Mickey Bars, which are everywhere at Disney, you can only get Zebra Domes at one location: Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.  More specifically, you have to pay a visit to Boma or The Mara to get one of these treats.
You don’t have to be staying at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge to eat at either, nor do you have to be a guest to enjoy views of the Savannah.  Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is a great place to just stop by and check out during your Walt Disney World trip!


Boma is a fabulous restaurant offering a wide variety of African inspired foods, buffet-style.  We think it’s a great dinner option for families.


There are unique options for those who want to try something different.  There are also plenty of safe choices for picky kids or less adventurous eaters.  Zebra Domes are found in the dessert section, along with other treats.

The Mara


If you just want Zebra Domes without sitting for a full meal, head over to The Mara.  It’s open most of the day, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.  And there’s always a selection of treats and baked goods.


You can purchase Zebra Domes in packs.  Then you can eat them right away, enjoy them pool-side, or take them back to your room!

Are Zebra Domes That Good?

I had my first Zebra Domes at Boma.  I thought they were just okay.  It’s not like it was spit-it-out-into-your-napkin bad or anything.  I just didn’t think it lived up to the hype, and I found some of the other treats more to my liking.  I thought Lisa would be a big fan of the Zebra Domes, given her love of coffee and dark chocolate.  But she wasn’t.
So what gives?  Did we get a bad batch of domes?  Or were they simply hyped so much that there was no way it was going to meet our expectations??  Well, you probably won’t see me buying a pack of Zebra Domes at The Mara anytime soon, but I’ll give them another try on our next visit to Boma.
For now, the famous Zebra Domes haven’t earned a spot on our 10 Best Snacks list.
And just to show we don’t have hard feelings against the Zebra Domes, here’s the recipe for all you Dome-lovers, courtesy of the Disney Food Blog. (their blog also includes a ganache recipe link should you require one)

Recipe for Zebra Domes


  • 1 pound milk chocolate
  • ¼ cup espresso coffee
  • 5 egg yolks
  • ¼ cup + 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 6 sheets gelatin
  • ½ cup Kahlua Liqueur
  • 4 cups heavy cream
  • ¾ cup white chocolate ganache
  • ¼ cup dark chocolate ganache
  • sponge cake (store-bought or your favorite recipe)
1. Melt milk chocolate.
2. Whip heavy cream to soft peaks.
3. Mix yolks with sugar.
4. Soften gelatin leaves in cold water.
5. Mix gelatin with Kahlua and coffee. Set bowl over hot water bath to dissolve the gelatin.
6. Fold ⅓ of whipped cream into the chocolate.
7. Add the yolks, then the gelatin mixture.
8. Fold in the rest of the cream.
9. Pour mousse in flexipan domes almost to the top.
10. Place sponge circle (¼” thick yellow cake cut in a circle) on top. Leave in the freezer to set.
11. Once hard, unmold and place in glazing racks.
12. Make white chocolate ganache and chocolate ganache.
13. Put chocolate ganache in a pastry bag. Ladle white chocolate ganache to cover each dome. Simultaneously, pipe a stripe design of chocolate ganache over the dome.
14. Refrigerate to allow the glaze to set.
15. Decorate the bottom edge with coffee crunch.
16. Place a chocolate covered coffee bean on the center of each dome.
Note: One sheet of gelatin is equal to one teaspoon of unflavored powdered gelatin dissolved in ¼ cup of water.
What do you think about Zebra Domes: Love ‘Em? Hate ‘Em? or like us, do you think they are “Just Okay”?

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