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Popular YouTube Toys For The Holidays

Many of our favorite toys are inspired by the TV shows we watch. But YouTube has changed the way we watch videos. So it only makes sense that we’re now seeing some of the most popular toys be inspired by the most popular YouTube channels.

Toys from popular YouTube channel FGTeeV

YouTubers such as Ryan’s Toy Review and FGTeeV have taken their YouTube fame and created their own toy lines. So if you have a child who is a fan of these YouTubers, these toys may be on their wishlist this year.

YouTubers Become Toy Makers

Ryan's World Toys from popular YouTube channel Ryan's Toy Review

Millions of kids watch YouTube videos daily. In fact, the most popular content on YouTube are videos geared toward children or featuring children. That’s one of the reasons YouTube is making changes to its platform with all those young eyeballs watching.

Toy Reviews, Gaming channels, and un-boxing videos are all super-popular with kids. And many of the toys focus on the un-boxing trend in play.

FGTeeV Toys for the Holidays

With over 12 million subscribers, FGTeeV is one of the biggest gaming channels on YouTube. It features a family making family-friendly gaming, sketch comedy, and music videos that are especially appealing to kids.

Here's one of their music videos incorporating live people with video game footage.

Ryan's World Toys

Ryan's World the toy line inspired by Ryan Toys Review. Millions of kids watch Ryan's toy review videos, so they consider him an expert on what makes a great toy. Ryan makes all kinds of videos now, including educational videos, experiments, and more.

If only we had gotten into making YouTube videos years ago and could have our own toy line today!! Seriously, these guys are living the dream.

We’ve linked to these toys mostly on Amazon, with the exception of the Target exclusives. You can also check Walmart, Walgreens, and Five Below.

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Baby advisor

Thursday 5th of December 2019

Such a superb guide. great quality toys is really important to me because I think that play is such a vital part of my children’s learning.It would be the science project toys i am looking for my kids.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.